Build a career you love, while travelling the world

Our programs combine travel, study and community...
to change your career

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The Nomad MBA brings young professionals together to live in different countries, while learning the entrepreneurial skills for a remarkable career.


30 Young Professionals

Carefully selected for their openness to learning, international backgrounds, and drive to live a remarkable life.


3 Countries

Over three months, live in three different countries; giving you the time to experience new cultures and perspectives.


1 premium COURSE

Complete an online course in tech skills, take entrepreneurial workshops and get one-on-one mentoring for your 21st century career.

I liked my job, I liked my home – but I want to love where I am and what I do, and the unique mix of studying and group travel was the best place to start
— Jake, Nomad MBA graduate

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The guys at The Nomad MBA are providing the right mix of personal and professional growth over an accelerated time period
— Pier, Director at the European Space Agency