Build a remarkable career, while travelling the world

Our programs combine travel, study and community...
to change your career

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The Nomad MBA brings young professionals together to live in different countries, while learning the entrepreneurial skills for a remarkable career.

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Join an inspiring tribe

Learn alongside 30 young professionals – selected for their openness, global backgrounds, and drive to be remarkable.

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explore a new continent

Live in 3 countries over 3 months. Giving you the time to experience new cultures and to truly feel alive

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upgrade your career

Complete a premium online course and do weekly workshops – to get the in-demand skills for your new career



For people who want to lead a remarkable life but are unsure where to start... this will kick start you towards that life"




our PROGRAMS are inspired by the world's most successful entrepreneurs and freelancers

Travel in a select community accelerates your personal growth.

Premium online courses develop your in-depth career skills.

Weekly workshops cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset.



OUR PURPOSE is to get you the skills & mindset for a remarkable career – full of meaning, autonomy & growth.

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The Nomad MBA provides the right mix of personal and professional growth over an accelerated time period
— Pier, Director at the European Space Agency


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