GARETH – 32, Australia, Startups background

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"I’d recommend this program to anyone thinking that there’s got to be more to life... who want to lead a remarkable life, but are unsure where to start."

The Nomad MBA came at the exact right time in my life. It's now helped change my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living a truly authentic life based on my values.

The highlights during my three months program would be:
- The incredible people that have now become dear friends that live in all corners of the world
- The first few days of workshops from all participants
- The slow travel and apartment-style living to really make it feel like your life is now in a new country
- The practice of radical honesty within the tribe
- The co-working spaces
- The community managers who are always available to talk through some of the tough decisions
- The meditation retreat
- The constant personal enrichment that is inevitable
- The fact that when the program is finished after 3 months the tribe and connection with Nomad MBA alumni doesn't
- The authentic caring nature of the Nomad MBA and that they are not chasing profits


To people that know they are leaving some of their potential on the table because of limiting beliefs that have been ingrained in us by our society. For people who want to start leading a remarkable life but unsure where to start. This will kick start you towards that life. All the best.

Thank you Nomad MBA and everyone who contributed to my experience.