Attila – 27, Hungary, Entrepreneur background

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"This time was the most intense but the best part of my life."

Everything started with a 15 second ad on Instagram about The Nomad MBA. I knew immediately this program was for me. I applied, and after a few rounds, Zeeger called me to tell that I'd got in. I was happy and scared at the same time.

Fast forward to April when our journey began. I was excited to start the biggest adventure of my life; South America for 3 months with 30 inspiring new people from all around the world.

We became an amazing community in a few days.
Through countless laughs, smiles, talks and new experiences I became a stronger, more open person who still has some doubts about his life but I feel more clear, and I have 29 new friends. I just came back to Budapest, and it's an enormous task to talk about the last 3 months because so many things happened.

This time was the most intense but the best part of my life. The tribe members and the organizers do their best to help me achieve what I wanted, and I'm proud to say that I succeeded.