JAKE – 24, USA, machine learning background

shakila and jake.png

“I wanted to love where I am and what I do, and the unique mix of studying and group travel was the best place to start"

This was the best experience of my life! The people are all so different, but since we were all handpicked, the chemistry and friendships were incredible and hopefully long lasting. Traveling was obviously wicked!! I did the SE Asia tour and loved the places we stayed at... Bali was the best. 

The education is whatever you make of it, work hard and get a lot back. If you are more lax on the learning part than you probably won't get much in professional skills, as well as not enjoy your days when the whole tribe is studying and you're just chilling by yourself. I personally did the Programming course, and have learned a remarkable amount that is helping me to change careers and my life!