Remarkable Experiences


Between each city, we’ll do a Remarkable Experience – each lasting a few days.

These have been chosen because we believe that no learning is as valuable nor fulfilling as your own personal growth – which is why they’re included in the costs of The Nomad MBA. Each experience focusses on different areas of growth; improving your self-awareness, vitality, focus and emotional intelligence. 

They’re designed to put you in the “stretch zone” – that area just beyond your comfort zone where the fastest self-growth happens.



Meditation Retreat

We’ll be headed to a retreat that’s a mile away from our screen-ridden lives...

And for a few days, we’ll free our minds of the constant noise from the outside world; no social media, no brands, and no crowds. For many of us it’ll be the first time we’ve been truly alone with our minds in silence; which at first will feel uncomfortable and even a little scary. But as the sun sets and rises, you’ll start finding the silences surprisingly freeing; you’ll reflect deeper within yourself than ever before, and learn things about yourself that’ll genuinely surprise you.


And we don’t just do this retreat for our self-awareness.. – it’s also to begin improving our focus. Regular meditation has been proven to increase our ability to focus, and to live in the moment; something that's getting harder and harder in our fast paced technology-connected world. 

We hope this retreat will be an inspiration for our tribe to begin meditating regularly – so that we can enjoy being in the present and use our focus to do things that really matter to us.



Fitness Bootcamp

Where the man-made meets the forest … we’ll be getting our asses kicked. Voluntarily.  

This bootcamp will have highly trained instructors leading us through exercises, stretches and drills that’ll push us to the edge of our physical and mental limits. And while we’re doing that, we’ll be eating clean and nutritiously to calibrate our body to a healthier way of living.

It won’t be easy. But it will be rewarding.


You may be wondering why we’d put ourselves through this...  

We believe that movement and conscious eating are vital for creating a remarkable life. Looking after ourselves physically leads to massive mental benefits; higher energy, faster learning and, hey, maybe even a little boost in confidence.

Oh, and the bootcamp is suitable for all fitness levels – so no excuses :)