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The First Tribe

Chosen from 5,100 applications for their warmth, curiosity and drive.

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After 13 years in marketing at a big corporate... Traveling, learning and getting out of my comfort zone were exactly the changes I needed.
— Juliana; Brazilian, 32 years old, worked in marketing
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It’s been an opportunity to get back to my ambitious self ... a change of pace and environment where learning was central to what I was doing.
— Torsten; Dutch, 24 years old, postgraduate
The barriers I erected against new activities have fallen on The Nomad MBA. I feel in the right mindset now to achieve what I feel like doing.
— Gwen; French, 28 years old, worked in Finance Consulting
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The Tribe's Reviews

JAKE – 24, USA, machine learning background

"I ...have learned a remarkable amount that is helping me to change careers and my life!"

This was the best experience of my life! The people are all so different, but since we were all handpicked, the chemistry and friendships were incredible and hopefully long lasting. Traveling was obviously wicked!! I did the SE Asia tour and loved the places we stayed at... Bali was the best.

The education is whatever you make of it, work hard and get a lot back. If you are more lax on the learning part than you probably won't get much in professional skills, as well as not enjoy your days when the whole tribe is studying and you're just chilling by yourself. I personally did the Programming course, and have learned a remarkable amount that is helping me to change careers and my life!

CHLOE – 31, Australia, background in IT

"Now, instead of being stuck in a corporate office, I can choose to work anywhere I want in the world."

I have never had an experience before where I've been able to travel, learn new skills, plus be encouraged to grow alongside 22 other like minded people from all over the world.

This was definitely what i needed to step out of my comfort zone and change my life for the better. Now, instead of being stuck in a corporate office, i can choose to work anywhere i want in the world.

The program is about learning new skills and growth, whilst travelling with a support network. It’s hard work and pushes you to do things you may not feel comfortable doing. That’s the point. So if you put the effort in and are willing to change for the better, you will see the benefits. If you just want a holiday to travel then this isn’t for you.

SHAKILA – 26, Canada, digital marketing background

"Our tribe's authenticity, open-mindedness, teaching, sharing and support made all the difference"

A truly surreal experience.

I went all in with this and had no idea what would come from it. The concept was exhilarating and I felt alive just reading about it. From the beginning, this was about the people for me- I was interested to see how this group of people would blend together as a community and what that would look like.

Our tribe's authenticity, open-mindedness, teaching, sharing, support and of course the dancing made all the difference- thank you so much for all of it. HUGE thanks to The Nomad MBA for the learning, the places and bringing our tribe to LIFE!!!

TERRY – 26, Kenya, startups background

"I knew I needed a change, a new aspect to put me on track to what I really wanted to achieve."

The Nomad MBA turned out to be the best experience and life changing moment. Achieving personal and professional growth but mostly having the support of the tribe and feeling part of a bigger family made it greater than I first thought. Had an amazing 3 months in Southeast Asia.

GWEN – 28, France, finance consulting background

"I was lost but knew that what I was doing then was not right for me."

I felt unfulfilled, I could not resume my sense of achievement to a higher salary or a promotion, nor did I feel that the appreciation of my peers lifted me no longer. I was lost but knew that what I was doing then was not right for me.

By now, two weeks past our goodbyes I can truly say that this Nomad MBA experience has equipped me personally with the mindset to not fall back to being an unfulfilled individual.

You get what you put in it, and by this it can be many different things: completing several courses to build your new profile, networking to start building a portfolio of clients to take you forward on your digital nomad path, taking the time for yourself to reflect at last. The latter is what truly changed me which without this group of great people would not have been possible.

TIFF – 23, Australia, social media marketing background

"I’ll recommend this to anyone who’s looking to transition into a better, purpose-driven career."

The first trip with in Southeast Asia exceeded all expectations. It was a truly unique and incredible experience to be brought together with a bunch of passionate and inspiring people while being able to travel and experience things that challenged us and helped us grow. Forever grateful for this opportunity and I’ll recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a sea change or wanting to transition into a better, purpose-driven career.

MELISSA, 33, Switzerland, NGOs background

After 3 months of travelling with awesome people, of learning and sharing, I can say that the Nomad MBA experience induced massive change in each of us. We all came from different backgrounds and for different reasons, and received warm and sensible support to go forward, each in our own way, as members of this community. This was a truly unique and life-changing experience.

JULIANA – 32, Brazil, corporate marketing background

"the kind of experience that you must live"

The Nomad MBA is exactly the kind of experience that you must live - living with an unique group of people while traveling to incredible places and, of course, learning something that you are going to use professionally. It was a life changing journey and I couldn’t be more happy to be part of the first tribe.

TORSTEN – 24, Netherlands, engineering postgrad background

"This is a must for anyone who wants to grow and understands the power of community."

I did this trip and to this day I'm having trouble summarizing the experience in a few sentences. I learned at a very quick pace, had an amazing community around me and on a side note I happened to have traveled through South-East Asia. This is a must for anyone who wants to grow and understands the power of community.

ANDRES – 26, Mexico, freelancer background

"I learnt a lot from everyone on the tribe, as well as myself"

This was an incredible life changing experience, learning in a personal and professional way – it’s the future of education! I learnt a lot from everyone on the tribe, as well as myself; but more than that, I made a new incredible family from all around the world!

Juliana loves the nomad mba

Our First Itinerary

We went to three cities and did three Remarkable Experiences, while studying immersive courses – all in three intense months.

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