Introducing ... Michiel

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Hello Nomad MBA community!

I’m Michiel the newest member of the Nomad team 😊

Together with Hannah I’ll be managing the community and learning of the Latin America Tribe. The above picture was taken on my first day at The Nomad MBA. I felt so much excitement, because I had a new purpose for the coming months: creating a great experience for our upcoming tribe; one where they’d be in their stretch zone, be surprised and feel alive.

Jeeeez… So many new and interesting people, so many new things to learn, such a great new team to work with. Keep on breathing Michiel…

•  •  •  •

My story to where I am now can be split into two realisations in my life… one around the power of community and the other around the power of education:


The Sparks of Community

I was born and raised in The Netherlands in a family with four children. Our family home was a social hub for my friends and friends of my siblings, which, come to think of it… probably instilled within me the value of communities. And over the years at high school, in uni and the dispersed world of working life, I only appreciated the power of community more and more. From that, community has become one of the fundamental truths I believe in deeply:

Everything that we do only starts to have meaning when it contributes to the lives of the people around us


Awakening To the power of Education

For my bachelor degree I studied in the small engineering town Delft – where I met Zeeger. As two young adults searching for the meaning of life we became very close friends. During these years Zeeger was exploring Buddhism and inspired me to dive into those teaching too. The philosophical side of Buddhism formed my view on life, with influencers like Lao Tzu and Confucius mixing with my Western upbringing. 

In my search to purpose first went into engineering after graduating; but always felt that there was something missing. Even after jumping around across three companies, it was a feeling I just couldn’t shake; surely there’s something deeper to life than this…

I began to look back, to look within myself – when did I last feel truly fulfilled?

During my Bachelor and Master degree I had  worked as a tutor in physics, mathematics and chemistry. The interaction with people around learning gave me a strong sense of meaning; that feeling of deep satisfaction when you see someone empowered with new learnings, that makes their lives richer.

A little voice in my head told me that education is where my heart lies… and that voice was only going to get louder…

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
— Martin Luther King


Community and education collide

I believe there are huge opportunities to improve education. High quality and relatively cheap education could become available for many people through online courses. The role of teachers can therefore change drastically. They do not have to teach classes, they can take the role of a mentor instead. Education can become more personal and focussed on broader subjects. This is what I want to contribute to the world through The Nomad MBA. I look forward to step into this adventure with you. 

With warmth,