What are the main career outcomes for people who do the nomad mba?

Our alumni go on to found their own companies, join purpose-driven startups, or become digital nomads. Entrepreneurial careers fit best with doing meaningful work, living life on our own terms and feeling truly alive; which is why we focus on them during our programs.

What accreditation do I get?

You will not get an "MBA" accreditation; we've chosen the name as it plays on the reason most people really do an MBA – for changing their careers, and the strong communities that can be found on most MBAs. We're taking a stand against the bureaucracy of academia and corporates; and that includes their accreditation systems. There are better ways of upgrading our lives now.

Can I learn something other than the pathways you recommend?

No; we've made the career pathways to lead very clearly towards two types of work; meaningful startup and freelancing. Working in, or founding, a meaningful startup is the best way to impact the world and manifest your potential. Freelancing is the ideal career for living life on your own terms.

Does The Nomad MBA guarantee me a job?

We don't guarantee a job. We've curated the experiences and learning to maximise your chances of getting a job at an innovative company, or even kickstart your remote career; by creating a blend of world-class specific learning and personal growth, which we know modern companies look for.

How Do I Complete The Nomad MBA?

To successfully complete your Nomad MBA program, you must live in three different cities alongside our select tribe for three months. Additionally, you must complete your chosen premium online course within those three months.






Do I need a visa?

It really depends on what countries we're travelling to, and the passport you hold. You are responsible for obtaining your own visas, though many countries waive visa-needs for tourists. Head here for more info: www.visahq.com/citizens

Are there any passport requirements?

You'll need to ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your final Nomad MBA destination.

Couldn't I travel cheaper alone?

In all likelihood, yes. We organise events that are designed to stretch you, and create an environment where you can really focus on an online course. We also make things hassle-free, by providing your accommodation and travel. But most importantly, we're about a community of ambitious, curious people coming together to create remarkable lives. And that's not something travelling solo will give you.


What's the application process for The Nomad MBA?

First, request an invite; to help us see if we're a good fit for each other. If so, we'll ask for a bit more information about you when our applications next go live. Then we'll have a video interview, so we can get see if you have what it takes to join or select community. If you're accepted, reserve your seat by putting down the deposit. And start packing! 

Will i have time to explore by myself?

You're welcome to venture off on your own – and there'll be plenty of spare time to do so. In the spirit of community, we'd love it if you explored with other tribe members too.

How Much Does It Cost?

€7,400. This can be paid in full, or as instalments in advance. We accept payment in Euros, Sterling or US Dollars.

What's Included in the cost of The Nomad MBA?

We arrange your flights between each city, accommodation, premium online course, and co-working spaces – and arrange entrepreneurial workshops. We also handpick the tribe of young professionals you'll be doing it all alongside. Oh, and you'll have two program directors with your tribe at all times.

Can I get financial aid?

We don't offer financial aid currently. Some countries do offer schemes to assist financially with study abroad programs; and a few of our first tribe got sponsorship from their employers to do their Nomad MBA.

Can I Get Employer Sponsorship?

Yes; a significant number of each tribe get their Nomad MBA program funded by their employers. To begin with, direct them to our employer's page; and as you progress through our selection process we can give you further advice on sponsorship.