The productive alternative to a sabbatical

Innovative companies around the world partner with The Nomad MBA to give their employees a superior learning experience.

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The Nomad MBA is a 3 month program designed to accelerate the personal and professional growth of young professionals – through online study, slow travel and a select community.

Why Partner With Us?

Sponsoring your employee to complete their Nomad MBA shows that you're committed to the holistic development of your staff, among other benefits:


Talent Retention

Establish your company as a forward-thinking place to work, while committing to your employee's happiness and all-round development.

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Experiencing new countries, alongside innovation-focused workshops, means your employees will return from their Nomad MBA re-energised and with new perspectives.

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Cutting-Edge Knowledge

We select only the best online courses – so your employees upgrade their job-relevant skills and are more productive than before.

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Powerful Intangible Skills

The mix of Remarkable Experiences, travel, and being in a community will raise your employee's emotional intelligence and cultivate their growth mindset.


Sponsoring our employee to do a Nomad MBA was a powerful PR opportunity – a highly visible commitment to our employee’s satisfaction and growth.

The Practicalities

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Over three months, a group of selected young professionals on The Nomad MBA will live in three countries.


While doing so, they'll attend a modern co-working space at set times of the week;– using the fast wi-fi to complete their online learning together.


We'll arrange weekly workshops, and end each month with three day long Remarkable Experiences – to stretch their personal development.

In their spare time, they're free to do what they wish; usually that's exploring the cultures they're in, pursuing hobbies, and trying new things.


We believe job-specific expertise combined with increased emotional intelligence and a growth mindset leads to better employees (and better people in general). 


Upgrade Your Employee's Learning

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