Employer Sponsorship

Getting your current employer to sponsor your Nomad MBA 


Some people on our first trip got sponsorship from their employers to do their Nomad MBA; it's a great idea if you're happy with your current company, but looking to accelerate your all-round growth while having a great time.

Eminio did just that when she came on The Nomad MBA – and being a lovely person, she shared some useful advice with us on how she got sponsored. Here's a summary of what she told us:

  Eminio is always this happy... seriously.

Eminio is always this happy... seriously.


1) Lead them to our Employer's page

That page exists to help you convince your employer – it gives them an overview of how your Nomad MBA experience can benefit their company in a visual and concise way.

  Make your employer as happy as that guy's face when you present your case for sponsorship

Make your employer as happy as that guy's face when you present your case for sponsorship


2) Make a brief proposal 

A proposal – slides are a good idea – to bring to your bosses will make your case stronger.
Here's what you want to include:

- The values of The Nomad MBA, with strong focus on education and lifelong learning. Highlight that this program isn't a holiday, but a structured journey built around accelerating your growth. Does this fit with your company's values? If so, you're onto a winner.

- How the professional growth you'll get – particularly your immersive online course – is relevant to your future company role, and will make you more valuable to the company going forwards.

- That the personal growth through travel, workshops, community and Remarkable Experiences relates to improved leadership skills, teamwork abilities and innovation.

- The positive effect on Employee Retention for them. In terms of being a place that keeps their best employees around for longer, this helps.  It's a fantastic PR piece for them – a highly visible commitment to employee growth and satisfaction that they can use internally for retention, or externally for talent attraction.

- That you can still be contacted if needed while on The Nomad MBA; as you'll be in co-working spaces with fast-wifi.


3) Get in touch with us

If you're through to the interview stage, our admissions team can help you personally with getting employer sponsorship.