Your education, re-imagined.

the emergence of world-class online courses means we can now upgrade our careers – from anywhere.

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Career Pathways

Our three study pathways are each built around a premium online course; and are designed to get you the in-demand skills and entrepreneurial mindset for a remarkable career.


Why Premium Courses?

The online programs by Springboard and ourselves are immersive and practical. They give you mentoring, career support, real-life assignments and more – fitting perfectly with our focus on being remarkable. 

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How do We learn?

We head to some of the world's best co-working spaces to study together. It's using social pressure positively; to push each other towards better careers. We also do weekly workshops, from industry experts and local entrepreneurs, to get you taking action and learning from the best.

This gave me the confidence to become a digital nomad. And the tribe of innovative people helped make it happen.
— Gwen, The Nomad MBA Graduate
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Personal Growth

We give it the attention it deserves: through workshops, travel and a high-calibre community.


your own space

With plenty of free time and a tribe that's not afraid of asking the hard questions, you'll be able to reflect on what really matters to you in life. 

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Cultural Immersion

Eat local. Even live like a local. With a month in each city, you'll have time to truly explore each country.

Personal Goals

We take your wellbeing and personal goals seriously – be it physical targets, giving up bad habits, or just eating clean. 


Companies will stand in line for talent which is trained in the new digital skills and growth mindset offered by The Nomad MBA

It's time for a change

Applications for our next program are invite- only, going to SE Asia on March 6th.
Program fee: €7,400