Learning In Chiang Mai

On our SE Asia route, we’ll be headed to a city more historic and peaceful than Bangkok… but still with the buzz of things being made, and of good times being had.

Here’s four good reasons why we feel that excited about Chiang Mai, Thailand – and you should too...



There’s a thriving digital nomad community in Chiang Mai… of freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers. And that means excellent co-working spaces, useful events and genuinely lovely people.

no, that's not in Silicon Valley. It's in Chiang Mai...

no, that's not in Silicon Valley. It's in Chiang Mai...



For longer workouts, or maybe even some purposeful wandering, Chiang Mai is surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes to hike into. It’s perfect for day long adventures, &… ok, you’re still thinking about “sticky waterfalls” are, aren’t you? Seriously, they're a thing.



There are lots of temples around Chiang Mai – especially in local Chiang Rai. Lots and lots of temples – all of them serene, pristine and downright artistic.



We love exploring, and leave you with plenty of spare time to do just that. In Chiang Mai, you’ll be only a few hours bus-drive away from Laos & Myanmar (Burma); giving you some fascinating long-weekend expeditions to dive into. So you’ll come back refreshed and focussed for the next week’s online learning.



It’s that mix of natural landscapes, culture, things to do and a community of “do-ers” that excites us so much – and we haven’t even mentioned the elephant sanctuary yet. We can’t wait for September to come…