Why Would You Start Something Hard?

Ever since starting The Nomad MBA, we’ve had people asking us “how are you doing this?”, “why are you doing this” and “what made you do this?”. After a lot of deep reflecting, I decided to answer those questions, in one outpouring — and wanted to share it with you, to see if it inspires you to take a leap of faith in your own life.

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Before going any further, let’s be clear: though we’ve run other startups before, this one is pretty new and definitely not an established business yet — so we’re not going to speak as if we’ve “made it”.

That said, we know there’s something in what we’re doing because we’ve built this company to solve the problems of the generation we ourselves belong to. The generation with no purpose. With no empire to expand or country to defend; no religion to live for; and no worries about surviving from day-to-day.

Just corporate jobs, entertainment in screens and supermarket aisles. We’ve turned our world into a giant shopping mall — we work meaningless jobs to pay for things we don’t need to keep us distracted enough to not ask ourselves the hard questions in life

It’s not enough. Especially for our generation; we’re not sleepwalking our way through life until we hit mid-life crises — nope, we’re having quarter-life crises instead because we’re asking ourselves those hard questions — we’re noticing something’s missing in our lives, and we won’t settle for it.

The Nomad MBA is a way of us trying to tackle that; by getting together a group of inspiring people who dare to live meaningful lives, we think it more likely that each of them will succeed. And we’re heartened — no, that’s not true — we’re full of hope and excitement that it’s growing so fast. But we have no idea of how big it’ll get, or how many more tribes we’ll organise; and to be honest it doesn’t matter that much.

What really matters is that if we can run even just one journey, if we can bring just thirty people together who believe in what we do– and see them redefine what they see as possible, see them trying to do things that’d truly fulfil them — that’d be a success to us.

Why do three comfortable young professionals — with respected careers, friends & family that love them, and good living spaces — choose to put themselves through the pain, the hardship, the uncertainty of starting something totally novel and untested in the world; something that takes on one of the biggest problems of our generation?

The answer’s pretty simple: because we feel that problem so strongly ourselves.

This Nomad MBA journey is our purpose; bringing remarkable people of our generation together to start finding their own purposes makes us come alive

Finding your purpose is our purpose. And if we don’t succeed for each person that comes with us, it won’t be for lack of trying.

Like I’ve said before; people need something bigger to live towards, and that’s exactly what The Nomad MBA is for us. Even with our comfortable lives, it just felt like something was missing; and amazingly, even working the stupid hours we are on something we don’t know will work, we feel more alive and fulfilled than we ever have .

If you take one thing away from this post, it’s this;

Don’t settle

Break away from your routine to give yourself some time to reflect, to read some philosophy, and to ask those hard life questions. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it to begin giving your life some purpose. Trust us, it matters — a lot.