Career Changers: From Corporate Lawyer to Startup Founder

Meet Phil Evangelou, founder of Kupendo Kids.

Meet Phil Evangelou, founder of Kupendo Kids.

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Main reason in joining The Nomad MBA?

Looking back, working in corporate law for so many years felt like being in a high-pressure cooker. Removing myself from that world has not only given me back my mental health and freedom, but clarified my sense of purpose: making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children around the world.

How has your career been upgraded through The Nomad MBA?

On our first month in Namibia, we delivered toys to an orphanage and just seeing the joy on these children’s faces inspired me to start my own social impact business. The weeks that followed were a huge learning curve - meeting with suppliers in developing communities, building my website from scratch, launching on Indiegogo, all while completing my online Digital Marketing course!

After countless long nights and running around in Windhoek and Cape Town, I’m so proud to have launched Kupendo Kids in less than 3 months, an online store that sells ethically-sourced, fair trade handmade toys. For each purchase, a toy or book will be delivered to an orphan in a developing nation.

What’s your vision for Kupendo Kids?

The goal is to deliver 1 million toys or books to orphans in developing nations by 2021. I know it’s a very ambitious goal but I like pushing myself in what I can achieve; even if we don’t reach that, being able to help change a thousand kids’ lives is still worthwhile.

Biggest personal challenge you had to overcome?

Before The Nomad MBA, I’d always feared I couldn’t succeed as an entrepreneur. The biggest lesson this experience has taught me is how to turn that self-doubt and fear of failing to motivation and momentum to keep pushing forward.

A “remarkable career” is _____________?

When you wake up in the morning and you’re excited to reach out to the world and tell everyone what you’re working on. It’s one that fulfills your purpose to the core, to the point of making you cry. That’s how important it needs to be to you.

Has quitting the corporate world and coming on The Nomad MBA been worth it?

It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my career. I’ve gone from doubting myself to executing my dream in less than 3 months! I’d recommend this to anyone who feels stuck and wants to discover a career that reconnects with their purpose.

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