Meet Juliana

The Nomad MBA_Alumni Interview_Juliana

This is Juliana Albanesi. Growing up, Juliana always felt the need to push herself and achieve more in order to make others feel proud of her. She graduated college being top of her class, and had ticked off many things on the list that was prescribed to her after graduating, from finding a corporate job to getting an apartment.

However, she still felt incomplete, and realised that she had never done anything for herself. That is, until she joined our first South East Asia tribe.

Watch our full interview with Juliana to learn how those 3 life-changing months empowered her to open up to others, understand herself and find the drive to live and work with purpose.

How are you?

I’m good.

Tell us your story.

I come from a small family and had a very normal upbringing. Both my parents are doctors, and they really pushed me, so I always felt the need to do more and make them proud.

When I went to college, I was one of the best students in the class. After graduating, the normal path was to get a good job - check. After getting a good job, getting a boyfriend - check. After getting a boyfriend, getting an apartment - check. Getting engaged - check. I felt like I was crossing everything off a list, and I was doing a good job.

But I felt incomplete. I wanted to go travelling and live abroad but then life happened - my father got sick, there were a lot of family issues going on, I got engaged, and then we broke up. All of a sudden, I realised that I was over 30 and asked myself the question “Had I ever done anything for myself, to take some time and just enjoy life?” I knew I needed something to change

my life.

The Nomad MBA showed up in my life, out of nowhere. And I just knew that was the kind of change I really needed

After my interview with Harry, I thought I wasn’t going to get in. But then 2 days later, I got the call and he said yes! It took me just a few minutes to decide, it was very easy decision for me. Then I quit my job and told my mum that I’d quit and I was going to live in Asia for 3 months and study. I remember she asked straight away “Good, but will you still have your job when you come back?” And I told her “Mum, I’m sure that if and when I come back to Brazil, I’m not going to have the same mindset, I won’t be interested working for the same company and the same people. I’m sure this will change my life”.

What were your outcomes from The Nomad MBA?

I feel like I changed a lot, not only personally but professionally. Personally, I’ve become much more open. Before, I would always be there for everyone but if you came to me, I would be a closed book. Now I feel like I can count on people, and my tribe is just like my family, something that I will have for life.

In terms of my professional side, I know that if The Nomad MBA experience didn’t happen, I wouldn’t make that change. I was always so interested to be working in big corporates, I wouldn’t even consider working for a startup or applying for a small company. But now it feels so right - I want to work with a purpose.

What were your steps after The Nomad MBA?

When I got back home, I felt that the routine took over. It’s hard because it’s like you’ve been living in a bubble, in an incredible environment with great, positive people. And all of a sudden, you’re back home and nothing’s changed.

The good thing is that I kept the mindset to apply for a good opportunity and to find my place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big corporate or a startup. I think that when you have this kind of energy, good thoughts and positivity, things happen. I’ve been working the past few months, and I’m extremely happy.

Favourite memory?

So many, it’s impossible to say one!

One big take-away?

Trust yourself and be honest with yourself. If you do that, you can achieve anything.

Advice for anyone applying?

Just do it. Join our tribe, we’re a big family.

What do you miss the most?

I miss the whole energy of being together sharing thoughts and stories. I feel like we really connected to each other, we respected each other and I miss the sense of community we created.

Why The Nomad MBA?

If you’re up for getting to know incredibly amazing people, getting out of your comfort zone and getting in touch with yourself, you should do it.