Meet Attila

The Nomad MBA_Alumni_Blog_Atilla Nagy

Before joining The Nomad MBA, Attila had already started his own business and achieved many milestones in his professional career. However, he still found it hard to connect with people.

As he set goals for the year ahead, he knew that The Nomad MBA experience was going to change all of that and give him the confidence boost he needed. Today, he's confident and focused to take his career and business to the next level.

Watch our full interview with Attila to learn how he found clarity through pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

How are you?

I’m doing really great.

Biggest challenge on The Nomad MBA?

Getting to know people and chat with them.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was a very introverted person before, and it was always hard to get in touch with people. I started to find out what I liked doing a few years ago, and from there I started a business and got into online marketing. Everything started getting better but I still had a hole in my life.

How was it to apply?

I just knew The Nomad MBA was for me, with the sense of community and people coming together from all around the world. I was scared and happy at the same time! When you [Zeeger] called me and told me I got in, it was just crazy because at the start of this year, I’d just reflected on how the past year was and what I wanted to achieve in 2018, and getting into The Nomad MBA was very important because I knew it was going to change everything.

What do you miss most about The Nomad MBA?

The people and being in the same place together.

What effect did The Nomad MBA have on your life?

My English got better and I made friends that I didn’t know I could meet before. Professionally, I’m more focused, have a clear sense of direction in what I want to do and the steps I need to take to get there. I’ve become more confident, I push myself all the time and constantly step out of the comfort zone.

What are the career outcomes of the program?

If you want to future-proof your career with an online skill, you need to do this. It’s a very good start as you’re learning together, helping each other, you meet other business owners and the different perspectives help a lot.

Any advice for people applying?

Everyone who comes on the program is different. If you can afford it, think of it as an investment in yourself. It was the best 3 months of my life!