How The Nomad MBA Broadened My Perspective

Finally, a chance to explain to all my loved ones and curious brains wondering why I applied to the Nomad MBA program, and how I heard about the Udacity Digital Marketing Nano Degree program online learning platform.

Here you go — I’m a 24-year-old Lebanese woman, born and raised in the great Ivory Coast. Studied in Lebanon, Mexico and France. Was just offered a business developer position in Morocco and another amazing opportunity to work for the family business in Ivory Coast, as many of us when done with studies. It’s a perfect situation for people of my age who want to settle. It’s an amazing chance — and for a long time, i thought this was what i wanted to do , right away. But it seems like it’s not my time yet.

Traveller in my soul, curiosity on my mind and a huge space to fill in my heart, I’m looking for more. What do I mean by more? Everything is a vague word, but no doubt the right one. More travels, more places, more languages, more love, more tolerance, more challenges, more creativity, more freedom, more happiness, more freedom…and a bit of an income to afford what I need to experience these things: travel.

So, let me introduce you to the million dollar FCFA question raised by all these thoughts: How can I travel and be financially sustainable doing a job I love?

Option one: either you’re already working in a open-minded company where you’re able to negotiate a remote position. Option two: you get the tangible skills necessary to upgrade your career and become a full-time digital nomad where your profession works with your personal lifestyle goals.

This is where the DMND program comes in handy. A methodical and practical course full of templates and guidelines to help you master digital marketing. Because it’s online, you can even start anywhere you want, in the world. How amazing is that? What is the use of the Internet, if not this? Why would we under-use the most revolutionary invention of the past decades?

I believe in different ways that people can lead their career and grow as humans. Being sedentary is great, I might even get there one day. But being a nomad is just as great and deserves your attention.

We have stopped considering this option, but I truly believe it deserves a thought — what if I fail? Failure only really happens when an individual doesn’t consider all the options around him to make things happen

·Food for thought·

Again, it is definitely not about holidays, which is what we generally assume when we hear the word “nomad”.

I am talking about a Nomad lifestyle. For a long time, homo sapiens had to settle in order to build long lasting business and afford life. It was hard times to be a nomad. Today, the internet put us back on our feet. We can be digital nomads. We can do more.


This post was originally published by Julia Khouri on Medium.