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Tiff Ng

• Social Storyteller, currently in Malta
• Works remotely

"I believe in empowering people to tell their stories in meaningful and creative ways"


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Tiff completed her Nomad MBA on 14th December 2017


Achieved During The Nomad MBA


Began her freelancing career in marketing, beginning with a personal online site at http://anytiffng.com/ – and then gaining her first two clients within a month.


Selected out of 1,250 applicants to join first The Nomad MBA tribe of 25 inspiring young professionals.


Completed a Udacity Nanodegree in Digital Marketing, gaining cutting-edge experience in running live marketing campaigns.


Lived across three countries in three months – Bali, Thailand and Vietnam – while in a community focussed on personal & professional growth.


Survived three Remarkable Experiences – each designed to push people out of their comfort zones: a meditation retreat, fitness bootcamp and growth week.

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"Tiff's always the life of the party. She's got tonnes of social energy and a "get shit done" attitude that fits the world of social media marketing perfectly"

– Harry, Co-Founder, The Nomad MBA


Want To Get In Touch?

We know Tiff pretty well ... we spent three months co-living, co-travelling and co-studying with her after all. For an intro to her from us, email harry@nomad.mba