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Melissa Anderson

"I believe in lifelong learning. Every person I meet and each experience I live can teach me impactful lessons."


Melissa participated in The Nomad MBA from September to December 2017.
Watch the video to learn more about a life-changing 3 months:


The Nomad MBA is a three month program that accelerates the personal and professional growth of young professionals; through travel, online learning and a select community.


Achieved During The Nomad MBA


Selected out of 1,250 applicants to join The Nomad MBA tribe of 25 inspiring young professionals


Completed a Udacity course in Product Psychology.


Lived across three countries in three months – Bali, Thailand and Vietnam – while in a community focussed on growing rapidly as individuals


Survived three Remarkable Experiences – each three days long and designed to push people out of their comfort zones: a meditation retreat, fitness bootcamp and Growth Weekend


Faced unexpected events and challenges that helped increase both her resilience and her emotional intelligence

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"Melissa's open minded and easy to talk to. She's always welcoming to new perspectives."

– Harry, Co-Founder, The Nomad MBA


Finding Melissa

In her spare time you can usually find Melissa hiking on a mountain, meeting new people or scouting out the best natural points of view.You can get to know her better online:






Want A Reference?

We know Melissa pretty well ... we spent three months co-living, co-travelling and co-studying with her after all. For our perspective on her character – just email