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Chayce Solchaga

"I believe that opportunities do not come to oneself by fate or chance, but instead come to you by constantly moving closer towards them with hard work, effort, and stamina."


Chayce completed his Nomad MBA on 14th December 2017
Watch the video to learn more about a life-changing 3 months:


The Nomad MBA is a three month program that accelerates the personal and professional growth of young professionals; through travel, online learning and a select community.


Achieved During The Nomad MBA


Selected out of 1,250 applicants to join The Nomad MBA tribe of 25 inspiring young professionals


Completed a Udacity Nanodegree in Programming, learning Python foundations, HTML, CSS and an understanding of front-end, back-end and data analysis.


Lived across three countries in three months – Bali, Thailand and Vietnam – while in a community focussed on growing rapidly as individuals


Survived three Remarkable Experiences – each three days long and designed to push people out of their comfort zones: a meditation retreat, fitness bootcamp and Growth Weekend


Completed a scuba diving certification, then launched his startup idea – successfully finding product-market fit using his UX expertise.

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"Spending time with Chayce is like drinking a red bull – he's upbeat, he's proactive, and he spreads that mindset to the people around him."

– Harry, Co-Founder, The Nomad MBA


Finding Chayce

In his spare time you can usually catch Chayce putting ideas into action, swimming out into the ocean, or climbing a trail somewhere in the wilderness.
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