Welcome to Bonding Weekend 2.0

The Nomad Alumni Summit.
8 – 11 August, Amsterdam.

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This summer we’re hosting our first Alumni Summit. That means an awesome group of people, from across five Nomad MBA tribes, coming together for to learn, laugh and share remarkable moments together. Over four days we’ll have workshops, guest speakers and open-evenings in Amsterdam to recapture your Nomad MBA mojo.

(yes, that’s right, five whole tribes of remarkable people!)


We begin with a (joyful) welcome on August 8th and an evening celebration. Mornings will kick off with group movement and meditation. Breakfast and lunch are included for those community meals, and Amsterdam will provide us with all the evening entertainment we need. We’ll close out on Aug 11th with a big lunch, in time for everyone to travel home.

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day 1: Reconnect

Come back together and reconnect with your tribe and the global NMBA community. A time for old faces, new friends and probably some dancing.

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day 2: recalibrate

Dive back into pushing your limits personally and professionally, to build a remarkable life. We’ll have workshops and talks from some remarkable people.

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day 3: Rejunivate

Stories that propel you forward, from our panelists and within our community. Take time to invest in yourself, your relationships and your goals.

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DAY 4: Release

Goodbyes suck. Knowing that it’s never really been goodbye is a win. This’ll be a day of celebration and anticipation for what the rest of 2019 has in store.


We’re confident this narrative will get you realigned with the way you lived on your Nomad MBA, and ready for to realise your potential. OK, I’ll stop. Really. (I need help)




We’ll be bringing together their incredible stories to inspire us, change us and get us back in that “Nomad MBA” stretch zone. Each speaker brings a different take on success:

Graham Covington   tech CEO

Graham Covington
tech CEO

Santi Freixa   olympic medallist

Santi Freixa
olympic medallist

Jeremy Carne   top 20 podcast producer

Jeremy Carne
top 20 podcast producer

Jack Sharp   sustainability expert

Jack Sharp
sustainability expert

Wanda-Jones Yeatman   leadership consultant

Wanda-Jones Yeatman
leadership consultant

Adam Telford   marketing CEO

Adam Telford
marketing CEO




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We’ll be meeting in the chill and beautiful city of Amsterdam – where impossible ideas have been made reality through the centuries.
(Zeeger wrote this last sentence. We were going to go with "a chill city that's full of tall people”... but he didn't seem too impressed)


includes four days of events, speakers, lunch & epic alumni community.
Doesn’t include accommodation.

Make your 2019 the year of no #fomo…

speakers and schedule are subject to change